About This Project

I just wanted to share with you how appreciative we are of your team!  They’re honest, funny, professional and full of integrity.  The latter was highlighted this week when Ken literally saved our cat’s life.  I don’t know if he shared it with you so I wanted to.
Einstein is 17 years old and suffers from kidney disease.  Tuesday, unbeknownst to us, Einstein began having a seizure.  We’ve never experienced him having one so I suspect that it’s a new symptom of his declining health.  I received both a text and a phone call from Ken.  Ivan also received a text and phone call from Ken.  Ivan was closer to the house so he went home first to check on Einstein.  Apparently, the cat began acting bizarrely and ran full force into both the wall and the doorjamb. Ken cornered him and held him in place, which is when he began having the first brain seizure.  Ken stayed with him, on the ground, until the second seizure passed and Einstein began acting normal again.
I called the vet and they said that it could have been a stroke or seizure, based on the symptoms.  Given his age, they didn’t want to give him any medicine and preferred a wait and see approach.  This may be a one time occurrence or it may repeat itself. They said that the thing we needed to do, if this happens again, is to do exactly what Ken did, i.e., try and immobilize him until it passes.   Today, Einstein has been sleeping much more than normal and is, undoubtedly, sore from his body’s reactions yesterday.  He’s a tough kitty.
We are, as a family, so touched that Ken’s first instinct would be to protect the cat from hurting himself.  Then, afterwards, he reached out to both Ivan and I, to let us know what had happened.  This morning, he again checked in to make sure everything was ok.
You really have an amazing crew!  Juan is always smiling and friendly.  Armando is always joking and is a real people-person.  Ken is solid in character, honest to a fault and responds to situations with an enviable ease.  You’ve created a very professional team, made up of individuals-each with their own unique talents and outlook.  When I give a referral for Radcon, I always talk about you and your honesty and straightforward approach.  People can’t believe that you actually put into your accounting when something comes in under what it was estimated to cost.  I then tell them about the intangibles: your love for animals, your personal high standards, the quality team you’ve put together and how truly pleasant all of you are to work with; the entire family (parents, kids, dogs and cats) appreciate all of you.  So, thank you!
Just wanted to share our appreciation…
Heidi and Ivan